Starter Kit

DLA Piper i.D.R.A.F.T. Starter Kit

This Starter Kit will enable you to generate basic agreements that a typical startup company would find useful: an employee offer letter, an employee proprietary information and inventions agreement, various forms of nondisclosure agreements, a consulting services agreement, and an exit interview declaration. You can choose which agreement to create and the Starter Kit will automatically generate it based on your responses to an online questionnaire.

Please be aware that these forms of documents are intended only as a starting point for documenting the intended business relationship and that before you use any document created using i.D.R.A.F.T., you should review the document carefully and discuss its terms with a qualified attorney. Using any of the documents generated with i.D.R.A.F.T. in the wrong situation or without understanding its terms may have detrimental and unintended consequences.

In some of the agreements that you have the ability to create from i.D.R.A.F.T., you will be given an option to select the jurisdiction in which the agreement will be used. Particularly in the context of the employee offer letter and the employee proprietary information and inventions agreement, the laws of each state differ and the terms of each agreement should be reviewed by an attorney qualified to practice in such jurisdiction. For example, laws regarding background checks on prospective employees differ from state to state and the procedures for the applicable jurisdiction must be adhered to before you may conduct a lawful background check. Also, states have differing approaches on the enforceability of non-competition agreements. Although we provide the option to include a non-compete provision in agreements for those states in which non-compete agreements may be enforced, we recommend that you nonetheless review the non-compete provisions with a qualified attorney.

Please direct any questions about completing the form or other legal issues related to i.D.R.A.F.T. to your DLA Piper relationship attorney.

For technical issues, please contact the DLA Piper Help Desk at or 866.270.4114.

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